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I know why you are here, I wont waste any of your time.. Here’s how to use this website.. It  is 100% free.. I am not selling any information or products. I am giving away knowledge and “connections” that I’ve made that will improve your health and hair.

Make the page you are reading now “Stopping Hair Loss” your main hub and navigational tool. From here you can get to the other major pages and articles.

====== Intro ======

This website is a personal project put online, it is a work in progress. It exists in order to “get info out” as fast as possible, not exactly to look pretty. I organize things so they are easy to find and, as simple as possible.

Please excuse the dust as this website slowly matures over future months and years. I hope you find the information here educational and usable. If you have things to share please do contact me.

I may have lost some hair while working this website as I stayed up a number of nights doing research and putting things together for the site,  rather than resting,  I am after all only human and have my own stress-reduction needs that sometimes clash with my ambitions and busy schedule.

Be wary of anyone (including physicians) offering to help you for a “fee” especially online websites selling information. You can do your own research for free, you can also elect to pay someone for their knowledge. Ultimately, you will be the one to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and the one to heal yourself.

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Note: This website is always growing and getting better, visit periodically for updates, and please contact me with your thoughts.


=== Let’s Get Started!! ===

I am not interested in discussing pharmaceutical drugs such as minoxidil (Rogaine), or finasteride (propecia), etc. I do not believe a pharmaceutical drug that will “heal” or “cure” hair loss will be found in my life-time, if ever. If a drug is found it will likely have side-effects that I’d rather avoid. Let’s put it this way, I will be happier being completely bald than to have hair but be taking pharmaceuticals. This is based on principle, and also based on my findings that one does “not” need a pharmaceutical to be optimally healthy and have luscious hair. You, driven to stop and reverse your hair loss will learn a lot, discover facts and myths, enjoy food more, enjoy life more and enjoy a clarity of mind, better health, graceful aging (and a more healthy mindset by default).

Three important points:



=== The Holistic Reality ===

This website’s goals is to present a holistic and natural approach to stopping hair loss and increasing hair growth. In this quest you will read about nutrition, the correct dietary choices for you, normalizing metabolic dysfunction, exercise, an internal regimen of supplements, hands-on methods, the good and bad oils, fats, protein, iodine, vitamins, minerals, diets, teas, herbs, roots, topical treatments, mental attitudes, life style, Chinese Medicine theories, hypnosis, and many other approaches to hair health …  and then some more on nutrition.

You will soon notice this website does not only talk about “hair” per se. This is not a shampoo site, nor is it a website trying to sell you a pharmaceutical. In modern allopathic medicine, doctors treat one diagnosis with one drug; unfortunately this is not how the human body works. There is no one fix for hair loss, certainly not one glove that fits all. This website is not a one-fix-all site either, as there’s no one solution to hair loss (generally speaking).

This website is about more than “hair” it is about achieving optimal health.  Achieving optimal health also will stop, and perhaps restore your hair.  Please read this on Optimal Health.

This website is my own research project, as I try to keep whatever hair I have left and perhaps even regrow some? time will tell.



=== Hair Loss is Not Just a Cosmetic Issue ===

It has been strongly linked to three major diseases: cardiovascular disease, cancers and diabetes (by peer reviewed studies). It is also linked to many chronic dis-eases such as metabolic syndrome, immune, hormonal and digestive issues. Hair loss is a sign that your body is out of balance, a sign that you lack  optimal health, in fact you might want to think of patterned hair loss (of all kinds) as an early warning sign of future pathology and (premature) aging.

As this website follows a holistic, correct, nutritional orthomolecular approach, we will be discussing finding the “root of the dysfunction”. Rather than treating inflammation with cortisol we will look t see what is causing the inflammation to stop it the correct way. Rather than labeling a person as having hypothyroid we will investigate what might have caused this decrease in thyroid function. We will discuss fixing issues such diabetes type 2, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, acne, candida, digestive problems, and preventing all the diseases that are linked to hair loss such as cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes type II, metabolic syndrome, immune system dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances.

A holistic approach works to educate rather than palliate. This is thus the mission of this website, to educate you, and me the author. I am always learning, and as I do I will share it here. The more you know the more you know how little you knew and how much more there’s to know. Knowing more is good, since knowledge is power, and will save you great many dollar.



=== But, it’s my genetics, everyone knows that hair loss is genetic, right? ===


Read this carefully:

Genetics do not explain why men are experiencing AGA at younger and younger ages,  unless you are willing to argue that natural selection is favoring the balding gene and working very rapidly, that in the last 50 years men have evolved to be bald at earlier ages; if you want to argue for this genetic selection be my guest, but I urge to show me proof.  Otherwise, do not blame genes.

Even if you have inherited the baldness gene (actually it’s not one gene but many, and probably many we have not discovered yet, along with how they interact with each other and the environment) as the case is with me, despite this predisposition to baldness, and your dermal papilla’s sensitivity to environmental and metabolic factors, you are not destined to go bald if you stay “optimally healthy”. If you are destined to baldness then at the least you wont go bald at 25 or 30 but perhaps at 45, 55, 75 or 85 as you age. I am one of many men that started balding at around 25 yrs of age; I know men that are 18, 19, and 21 that have extensive AGA balding and their numbers are increasing.

The problem with genetic theories is that they reinforce the notion that balding people are destined or doomed to inevitable hair loss. This offers people an escape goat, rather than investigate deeper, question the present DHT theory, one can simply give up trying and simply accept this “fat”.  I did that for years, until I found the causes behind the loss, this was eye opening, empowering and healing. Had I accepted the genetic inevitability I might not have made the diet and life changes that enhanced my life and health, which to me are more valuable that hair.  My hair loss alerted me to the many health issues I had to face.

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=== Investigation ===

Your hair loss may be a challenge, but it is one worth taking-on, stopping your hair loss is like detective work, you need to run some tests, investigate your body, habits, food and environment in order to find the answer that will work in your case, as every person’s body is different. You will have to try a few things, you will have to learn to listen to your body, and most likely you will have to change your diet habits.



=== Where’s the proof, where did you come up with this info? ===

I’ll attempt to share as much as I can in the articles listed below, the science, the studies, the resources and reasoning behind what I said above. I am only human, I also have to work full time to make a living, and yet find time to eat healthy so I can stop my own hair loss. I work hard to eat well, and to do certain things to help my hair but like I said I am human, I slack sometimes, I eat bad things at times, I deprive myself of sleep and exercise at times. I am not perfect, and I do not ask you to look up to me, but what I ask is that you look up to the information here, see the connections and ideas I present. Trying these, making changes, is up to you.


=== Ready to Learn More? ===

Below you will see your guide to this website, organized by topics. Consider it your Table of Contents. Many pages on this site are updated often. This could be my obsession, I put a lot of my time into research and adding my findings up here. Even though I wish I could dedicate more time for this website right now I can’t. After all, I cannot put all my free time here because I need to use that time to exercises, research, work, socialize, take care of my health etc or I might just risk accelerating my hair loss again.

I am doing the work so you can save time, this website aims at giving you clearer view on hair loss than most physicians do nowadays. I also use this website as my personal notebook, where I collect research and make connections and list information so I can find these when I need to.


====== Guide to this website ======

Male pattern hair loss, also known as male pattern baldness (MPB), androgenic alopecia or androgenetic alopecia (AGA), is the most common occurrence of hair loss in humans. I don’t need to discuss the psychological effects of hair loss, I’m sure you are familiar with them or know someone who is. Women also get patterned hair loss, it’s called female pattern hair loss and I have heard of instances when doctors told their female patients they had male pattern hair loss (MPB).




 Your hair loss could be your “canary in a coal mine”, giving you early signs of impending danger

Hair loss is a sign of aging



Let’s Learn some more:

A – General Topics on Female / Male Pattern Hair Loss:

B – About my diet, my regimen, and why

Everything on this website is my opinion, I research many doctors, studies, testimonials and compare and contrast and then make up my own opinion. Even when not explicitly stated, everything mentioned on this website in terms of diet, exercise or supplementation is my opinion and reflects my thought process, the other articles represent my reasoning for the kind of regimen and diet I follow.

C- Metabolic, Hormonal, Genetic and Mental Factors Linked to Hair Loss:

C – Dietary Factors:

D – Making Teas with Plants and Herbs:

E – Scalp Issues, Topical and Hands-On Approaches:

F – TCM:

G – Dental Health:

H – Other


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