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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

One cannot discuss hair health, stopping hair loss, and hair regrowth without talking about many other body systems, glands, hormones, digestion, nutrients, diets, habits, sleep, life styles, toxins, environmental factors, etc.. These are all directly or indirectly related to hair loss. This website will venture into all of these areas. Your body has many systems, many genes, and they all work together and on each other. Your existence as a human being, is also reliant on your body’s systems. All these systems, all the genes, all the history you have experienced all come together to make the “one” unity that is you.  There is not one thing you can do that will effect only one system or aspect if your existence.

Hair health often equates to body/mind health. There is a lot about health and diet that most of us do not learn, oftentimes we learn of this knowledge after a lot of hair loss has occurred. The knowledge exists, the solutions are out there, I wish I had started researching hair loss back in 2005 when my hair loss became clearly visible, back then  I barely paid attention to my health and I thought the hair loss was “inevitable” due to my “genes”, so I did not even consider diet or health as factors as having caused the hair loss at an early age. It is never too late to start doing the right thing.

But, What if I Fail?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Even if you do not stop the loss or regrew the hair [But, you will likely slow the loss or stop it, though], at the least you can expect to learn a lot about your body and healthy habits in the process, and to drastically alter the way you look at food.

This knowledge and the new habits will give you better health, better looking skin and nails, more energy, clarity of mind, a more youthful look in general, they will also give you a happier and longer life and perhaps more importantly knowledge to empower you and your loved ones.

I have my MPB to thank for my interest in health, diet and for a continually improving health state. I am getting healthier every day despite my crazy schedule, I attribute this to my acquired knowledge and ability to understand my body and my increased awareness of my body’s needs (dietary, nutritional, mental, spiritual, etc).

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Similar to teeth, bones, nails and skin, your hair’s health is strongly related to many other aspects of your “body-mind unit”. In our modern day, degenerative diseases are rampant, tooth decay, hair loss, cancers, autoimmune disease are only a few that this website will discuss from a growing list of “modern day diseases”. In many cases, what will help your hair will also help your teeth.

A Curse or a Blessing?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Hair loss, be it Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia, AGA), female pattern baldness, patterned or diffused hair loss, even alopecia errata, and other forms of alopecia could be a blessing in disguise if you decide to make them so. Unlike those with a permanent full-head-of-hair, your hair loss might be an early indication of physical degeneration, inflammation, skin issues, nutritional deficiencies (malnutrition), heavy metal toxicity, candida over growth, thyroid dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and a good future risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, prostate enlargement, hypertension or insulin sensitivity. Here you ask yourself, do you want to prevent these diseases as you grow older. Do you want to be a healthy older person able to enjoy your body, mind and world or crippled with disease?

Like any thing in life, you and only you decide if you want to perceive this is a curse or as a blessing.


 Your hair loss could be your “canary in a coal mine”, giving you early signs of impending danger

You now have the choice to ignore the signs (or mask them with pharmaceuticals) or to pay attention and take positive action to figure out what your body needs, give it what it needs to heal and become more optimally healthy and become a healthier adult and age gracefully. Targeting aging will also target your hair as hair loss is a sign of aging, some of us age faster. I have always been a faster-aging person, and my hair loss was only natural and to be expected as part of this accelerated aging process.


Polygenetic and Poly-etc..

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The predisposition is not only genetic (polygenic) but also environmental. Every single experience you had in life, every food, every substance that entered your system, and ones that are lacking.. all come into a complex play with your genes and body systems, even your mind-set, and produce physical outcomes.

Why Me, but Not Taylor Smith?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

You must remember, some people can and will do everything to destroy their bodies, they could even die prematurely due to their abuse and carelessness while not experiencing any baldness. Simply put, these people do not have the kind of predisposition those of us who experience hair loss have.

You must know that no two people are the same, your body chemistry is 100% unique to you.  There are millions of factors that might come together to cause your uniqueness, thousands of chemicals you were exposed to every day of your life causing toxicity or deficiencies. Your experiences, your mental processes, the health of your mother when you were a fetus or nursing, genetics, exposure to the world (from every breath of air you took to every toy you touched, cream you applied and water you drank), and if you want to take this metaphysical then your energy field, subconscious processes, emotional experiences, are all unique to you and all impact the “whole you”.

You are “only you” and no one else, looking at people with a full lustrous head of hair who eat bad food and follow negative habits and feeling bad that you don’t have their hair is the wrong approach. You need to look only at your body, figure out what is happening to it and work on becoming optimally healthy.

There comes a time when you need to stop looking at others and look at your body, and give it what it needs.

Many people tend to fall in the victim mentality and ask Why Me? do not do that.

It is healthy to question,  and follow it with an investigation, do that, but you must remember your true uniqueness. That’s why some techniques work for some better than others.

Optimal Health

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The human body is amazingly complex and resilient, it is able to repair itself and withstand years of abuse and to seemingly appear healthy, but being healthy and being optimally healthy are two different things. Genes need triggers to be expressed, environmental factors effect how genes are triggered, and all of your body’s systems have an effect on each other, subtle changes happen slowly. Reversing them will also be a slow process, but it is never too late to become healthier.

GMO Foods

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

No one knows how GMO foods effect the human body, how they are absorbed, what allergies or autoimmune reactions they create and how they are used n the body.  I have one advice for you when it comes to GMO, avoid it!

Now, the sad reality, in my opinion, within the US, I beleive that practically all of the Corn and Soy out there, including organic, are GMO.  So it is adviced that you avoid all corn and soy products.

Some people have allergies when it comes to corn and soy, some of these allergies might be attributed to these foods being GMO. Further, soy is prepared incorrectly in the US and should never be consumed unless it is fermented in the traditional Japanese or Chinese methods.

Find more articles on GMO in the GMO category here:

Study: Male Pattern Baldness: classification and Incidence – by NORWOOD, O’TAR T. MD

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

-:: This Abstract is posted here for posterity and archival purposes only ::-


Male Pattern Baldness: classification and Incidence NORWOOD, O’TAR T. MD – Southern Medical Journal


The need for a widely accepted, accurate, and reproducible standard of classification for male pattern baldness has increased with the advent and increasing popularity of hair transplant surgery. This report establishes such a classification, and reports its use in determining the incidence of male pattern baldness at various ages in 1,000 white adult male subjects. The action of testosterone as an incitant in male pattern baldness is well known, but this study points out the continued effect of time, even in later years. Since most hair transplant surgery is performed on subjects with male pattern baldness, and because the success of hair transplant surgery is largely dependent on proper patient selection, a complete understanding of male pattern baldness is essential for consistently good results with hair transplantation.

(C) 1975 Southern Medical Association


Find the attached document for the Norwood scalre and the full text of the Norwood study “Male Pattern Baldness: classification and Incidence” by Norwood. Click HERE

About Folic Acid

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Vitamin B9, Folic Acid (Folate) is a water-soluble B vitamin that takes its name from the Latin word for leaf, folium, because it was first isolated from spinach leaves.

Folic Acid helps maintain healthy hair, nails and skin. It may aid in preventing hair loss.
Along with Pantothenic acid, may delay graying of hair.
It is necessary for DNA & RNA synthesis, which is essential for the growth and reproduction of all body cells
It is essential to the formation of red blood cells by its action on the bone marrow and aids in amino acid metabolism
Folic Acid is crucial for methylation in the body.

Biochemically, folic acid functions as a methyl donor after being enzymatically reduced to tetrahydrofolate by the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase. This biochemical reaction is the target of a number of chemotherapeutic antimetabolites such as methotrexate that bind to the enzyme and prevent the reduction.

Folic acid promotes normal red blood cell formation, helps to maintain the central nervous system, and promotes normal growth and development. Recent investigations show that folic acid deficiency may be responsible for neural tube defects, a type of birth defect that results in severe brain or neurological disorders (see Spina Bifida).

The U.S. Public Health Service recommends that women of child-bearing age take 0.4 mg of folic acid daily. Women should continue to take that dose through the first three months of pregnancy. The RDA for men is 400 mcg and women is 200 mcg.

Folic acid is effective in the treatment of certain anemias and sprue.

Folic acid is found in Brewer’s yeast, liver, fruits, leafy vegetables, oranges, rice, soybeans, and wheat, organ meats, leafy green vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains.


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About Vitamin C

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Supports hair and nail growth by improving circulation.
It might be useful in treating dandruff and thus may aid in preventing hair loss.

The benefits of vitamin C are vast, many help you be optimally healthy and thus preventing hair loss.

Vitamin C is one of the most well-known vitamins. It plays an important role as an anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger, it also is an effective antiviral agent.

The primary function of vitamin C is to assist in the production of collagen, although it is rapidly becoming identified as a key player in detoxifying the body from foreign substances. Although there is somewhat limited documentation, other reported uses of vitamin C are healing wounds and burns, accelerate healing after surgery, decreasing blood cholesterol, reduce blood clotting, offer protection against cancer agents, and extend life.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, i.e. it is not stored in the body fat, it must be regularly replenished and is commonly found in fresh fruits, especially in the citrus family that is dominated by oranges, lemons, limes, and tangerines also in green leafy vegetables.

Collectively, vitamins assist in the formation of a wide spectrum of biochemicals including hormones, enzymes, proteins, neurotransmitters, and the genetic materials RNA and DNA. Soluble ascorbic acid is contained in the watery parts of fruits and vegetables and represents one of the least chemically stable molecules in the vitamin family.

Ascorbic acid is a weak acid, easily destroyed by mild alkali solutions such as baking soda. Once ingested, vitamin C is readily absorbed by the intestines and continues its journey through the watery components tissues that make up the human body, helping to build collagen protein while doubling as an antioxidant along the way.

In its natural state, ascorbic acid appears in the form of a white to yellowish crystal or powder. The chemical name ascorbic acid refers to L-ascorbic acid, the levorotatory isomer, and has been widely synthesized as a supplement or food additive.


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