Ending Inflammation

What can I do about inflammation?

Inflammation could be caused by many factors, therein lies the challenge of knowing what is causing such inflammation. Fixing the problem at it’s root is much better than masking it.


  • Emu oil (comment: I have not tried this)
  • copper peptides
  • ketoconazole can be used to topically partially inhibit cytokine formation.
  • Essential oils (comment: easy to apply)
  • Anything that kills scalp parasites can help reduce localized scalp inflammation
  • ACV (comment: good)
  • Kefir (comment: tried it, works but messy)
  • Xylitol (comment: I have not tried)


Diet and nutrition:

  • Ecklonia Cava Extract (rich in phlorotannins/polyphenols with uniquely strong antioxidant properties)
  • Curcumin 95% (95% curcuminoids including curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin, which are antioxidants)
  • Krill Oil
  • R-Lipoic Acid (anti Oxidant)
  • Fish oil
  • DHEA
  • Stinging Nettle extract
  • GLA
  • Other antioxidants (vitamin E and N-acetyl cysteine)

Read the anti-inflammatory diets posted on this website. This website has a few anti inflammatory diets and diet recommendations. To find them visit:

You should consider finding food sensitivities that you have that might be sub-clinical. These could be causing chronic inflammation that you have grown accustomed to. The best way to find foods that don’t sit well with you is to go on the elimination diet then slowly reintroduce one food item at a time. You may enjoy the benefits of eliminating foods enough to not even care to re-introduce some items.

Update: Nov-Dec 2010 – I am trying the modified elimination diet, with dairy, eggs, bread, wheat, gluten, and corn out of my diet I have noticed an improvement in health and energy, I have given up a lot of weight (reduced my weight), and I no longer have “any” heart burn which used to be a weakly occurrence for me.

Research Findings:

A “lot” of research has and is being done on inflammation!  I am reading as fast as I can!

I am studying the work of Dr. Art Ayers of coolinginflammation.blogspot.com and Waseda, a Japanese researcher who supposedly initiated extensive hair regrowth after being bald (Norwood 5) for many years using a combination of therapies specifically designed to kill inflammation and a process called “apoptosis” i.e. programmed cell death.

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When it comes to supplementation to control inflammation I have not tried Stinging Nettle extract. I tried fish oil but it did not seem to do much. I would recommend using Magnesium, Ecklonia Cava, Krill oil, and Curcumin. I will be giving Ginkgo Bilbo Extract a try soon.


1) I am investigating “Earthing” as an easy and natural path to stop inflammation:

Grounding or Earthing and Holistic Health
Visit the Earthing category

2) Stress reduction (hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, QiGong, laughter, nature walks, sleep, exercise)

3) Adequate sleep

4) Detox of toxins and heavy metals

5) Colon, liver and parasite cleanse

6) Fasting

7) Exercise (but what type? .. more to come on this)

Updated/Reviewed: 12/14/2010

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