Edgar Cayce’s Hair Loss Remedies – Pt. 2

Please note, Cayce’s advice is not medical advice.. Do not apply crude oil on your scalp it contains benzene which is a known carcinogen.

It seems Glandular insufficiency and spinal lesions, according to the Cayce material, are by far the most common causes of hair loss (baldness).


Here’s info that I found, was archived in 2009, the link is broken now, so here’s the text:


an Overview form the Cayce Health Database | edgarcayce.org Home Page

1. Physiological Considerations

Glandular insufficiency and spinal lesions (subluxations), according to the Cayce material, are by far the most common causes of hair loss (baldness) which may be accompanied by nail and even skin changes (abnormal pigmentation, vitiligo, etc.). Glandular dysfunction – usually the thyroid but the thymus and adrenals may also be involved may come about through the diet, i.e., insufficient amounts of necessary elements like calcium, or excesses of others like potassium. Other causes of glandular dysfunction include insufficient circulation, stress, infection, toxic chemicals (as found in cosmetics), general debilitation, etc.

The most commonly involved gland is the thyroid. It seems that when some elements necessary for proper thyroid functioning are missing, toxins which otherwise would have been eliminated are allowed to accumulate in the system. When this happens, inflammation, congestion, and circulatory disturbances occur, affecting the scalp and maybe the nails and skin. It is worth noting that the thyroid to some extent controls the circulation to the scalp, nails and skin, independent of the mechanism described above. When such disturbances occur, the outcome is hair loss with or without nail and skin changes, depending on the severity of the condition.

Impaired circulation from other causes may bring about the same effects without necessarily involving the thyroid or other glands, but is a much less common finding. The exception is spinal subluxation, being almost equally as frequent as glandular disturbance. It should be noted, though, that even when spinal subluxation is the primary condition, the glands often become involved as a result of impaired circulation through them (the thyroid especially). Hence in a large majority of cases the glands are either the primary or contributing cause of the condition.

In one or two instances, reference was made to prenatal tendencies as a contributory cause, but no definite information is available on this or on heredity.

II. Rationale of Therapy

The treatments recommended reflect the disease process involved and may be classified as follows:

1. Correction of glandular dysfunction usually includes dietary advice where deficiencies are involved. Atomidine and sometimes glandular extracts (thyroid, adrenals, etc.) are necessary.
2. Osteopathy: Series of treatments to correct spinal subluxation that may be causing circulatory, glandular and other organ system dysfunction as well as hair loss.
3. Others: Treatment of underlying disorders (e.g., avoidance of stress and toxic chemicals, treatment of infections, etc.) as well as complications of basic disease process (e.g., spinal subluxation usually causes widespread effects) which may contribute to or aggravate the hair loss.

Osteopathic adjustments bring about improved circulation to the scalp, nails and skin, thus leading to beneficial changes. When digestive disturbances (assimilations/eliminations) are also present as a result of spinal lesions, toxic accumulations may be substantially eliminated or prevented in the digestive tract, further improving circulation to involved areas. What may be less obvious is that the use of laxatives, colonic enemas, etc., would bring about similar results through elimination of toxins.

These few examples are based on the assumption that the physiology described by Cayce is correct. Intuitively, it seems to make sense to me.

III. Suggested Therapeutic Regimen

Baldness is not a problem treated by the average physician, for there is no recommended medical treatment presently available. The following might be considered a reasonable approach to the average patient, from a study of the Edgar Cayce readings.

1. Correction of glandular deficiency.

* Atomidine: Various programs were prescribed. There is no given formula for arriving at dosages. One suggestion is as follows:

One drop for seven days, rest five days
Two drops for seven days, rest five days
Three drops for seven days, rest five days
(May repeat this series once or twice.)

* Thyroid extract in small doses two to three times a week for a few weeks in combination with Atomidine in severe deficiency.

* Other glandular extracts (replacements), as necessary, e.g., adrenal.

* Correction of mineral deficiencies and/or excesses (e.g., low calcium, high potassium). Calcios is a good source of calcium (a layer on a cracker taken every other day).

* Dietary:

o The skin of Irish potatoes cooked in Patapar paper (to preserve active principles) supplies some essential elements for proper thyroid function. This may be eaten three or more times a week. (Roasted or baked is also good so long as it is not burnt.)

o Other helpful hints for better thyroid activity include citrus fruit juices – orange juice plus lemon or grapefruit juice plus lime – in combination with Atomidine will act on the thyroid to improve circulation to the scalp. Seafoods were recommended three times a week. Carrots are good.

o Avoid: fried, greasy foods, fried meats, starches, refined sugars, onions, garlic.

2. Osteopathy: This would be helpful if a history of spinal injury is obtained or when other symptoms and signs warrant this. Even in the absence of the above a few treatments would probably still be beneficial, since circulation to the thyroid, scalp, nails, skin, etc., Will be enhanced. The areas manipulated as well as the number of treatments should be considered on an individual basis.

3. Local measures:

* Crude oil massage to the scalp (one teaspoon) to stay on from one-half hour to 45 minutes. Then cleanse with a 20% grain alcohol solution. Follow this with a massage using white petroleum (Vaseline) into scalp (not too greasy).

o An alternative would be a scalp massage with pure hog lard, leaving this on overnight after covering head with an oil cap.

o Shampoo in the morning with olive oil shampoo followed by a massage with white Vaseline cut with a little alcohol (one drop grain alcohol to one ounce water). Either may be done once a week.

* Violet ray treatment (20-25 times) to scalp, spine, scapula, umbilical area for a total of five to ten minutes on a daily basis. Ultraviolet ray treatments may be used instead, this done every third day, limiting treatment to scalp and spine for three to five minutes for 20-25 treatments.

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4. Other: Maintain proper elimination through the use of laxatives, colonic enemas, massages, etc. Diathermy, vibrator, hydrotherapy, radio-active appliance were also recommended in some instances.

A prescription is given in reading 636-1 for restoring hair color. Dosage is half a teaspoon three times a day after meals for ten days with five days rest periods.

Steps 1 and 3 seem to be a must, while 2 and 4 may be utilized at the discretion of the therapist, depending on the case being treated.

[Note: The preceding overview was written by Hezekiah U. Chinwah, M.D. and is excerpted from the Physician's Reference Notebook, Copyright © 1968 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.]

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care
professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.

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Source : http://www.edgarcayce.org/health/database/chdata/data/prbald3.html  (link is dead now)..  archived in 2009



Since Atomidine contains iodine, when taken internally, it can over-stimulate the thyroid gland and heart. Edgar Cayce recommended that Atomidine be taken under the supervision of a physician.

Source: a discussion website




Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Restored with Cayce Treatment

By: Beth Wofford

In the middle of August 1992, 1 was preparing to go back to work as a migrant recruiter for our local school district. My friendly beautician who had been doing my hair for a couple of years said:
‘Ms. Wofford, did you know you have a bald spot – on the left side, right here?’
‘No,’ I answered, not really concerned. I hardly looked up from my Venture Inward.
She explained, ‘It’s not really very big – about the size of a quarter.’ She did have me look, but with the curlers it was hardly noticeable. My hair was red, thick, and healthy; I had always been blessed with good hair. As a teen and young woman it was my best asset.

I hardly gave it another thought for weeks. Then shampooing my hair one evening in late September I saw the spot and thought to myself – that’s bigger than a quarter; it’s more like a half-dollar – maybe bigger. ‘Hmm, I better get out my Cayce book and see what to do.’ I said, referring to my worn, dog- eared copy of Drugless Therapy. But I was ‘busy busy’ and didn’t.

It was about the middle of October when I got really scared. The bald spot had definitely increased and my mouth felt I open in astonishment. I am losing my hair. I’m going bald! Fear is a tremendous motivator. Suddenly, I found time to do my re- search and order supplies.

Cayce’s recommended treatment was applying Pennsylvania Crude Oil, with non-denatured alcohol rinse; eating a proper diet, especially including potato peelings, cooked or raw; and massaging the scalp – not rubbing, but pushing and pulling.

The first treatment was done the first week of November. The crude oil smelled awful, but it didn’t hurt. I kept it on my head a full hour, although Cayce says a minimum of one-half hour. Rinsing was difficult. To get all the oil out might take as many as five rinses. Sometimes the smell is still there.

I wish I had documented the treatments with the exact dates and times. I know that I started in November applying the oil three times per week. I also know that by December the bald spot had grown wide as my hand over my left temple and going straight back: it looked like the Grand Canyon to me. I had begun to wear scarves to cover up. But before Christmas, I had graduated to a wig; the area could no longer be “combed over.”

I continued the treatments faithfully. By the end of January, after three months of treatments, some little ‘peach fuzz’ appeared. I was so-o-o happy. At first I thought it was just my imagination. I called my family for verification. “is it really growing back?” I asked. They seemed to think it was.

With creativity and imagination, I developed several potato-peeling recipes. In fact, I really learned to like them, especially sautched in peanut oil, with onion, carrots, and celery. I put them on crunchy whole wheat toast, making a sandwich. Yummy!

Closely examining my scalp in March, I found there was definite new hair growth! It was “seeable’! And it was silver gray. Sometime in May I discarded the wig and the scarves. At first, I resented the eight-inch spray of gray, but after many compliments, I began to think it stylish.

My hair growth was complete by July. Too fearful to stop the treatments completely, I just slowed down.

Then a strange thing happened. The gray was coming in red again. Or was it? Before Thanksgiving I could tell for sure it was. By Christmas, 1993, my hair was back to normal, thick, shiny, and red. Only a year ago, I was almost bald and wearing wigs.

I continued treatments off and on all during 1994, perhaps once a month, as a preventative. Now it is March, 1995, and I’ve had no further trouble. It’s as if it never happened, except in my memory.

Now when I hear someone complain that their hair is just awful or they can’t do a thing with it, I gently say “Just be thankful you have hair.” And I mean it!

Printed by permission of Beth Wofford for Cayce.com

Archived from: http://www.cayce.com/crudetestm.htm  (link no longer available)



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