Why Me, but Not Taylor Smith?

You must remember, some people can and will do everything to destroy their bodies, they could even die prematurely due to their abuse and carelessness while not experiencing any baldness. Simply put, these people do not have the kind of predisposition those of us who experience hair loss have.

You must know that no two people are the same, your body chemistry is 100% unique to you.  There are millions of factors that might come together to cause your uniqueness, thousands of chemicals you were exposed to every day of your life causing toxicity or deficiencies. Your experiences, your mental processes, the health of your mother when you were a fetus or nursing, genetics, exposure to the world (from every breath of air you took to every toy you touched, cream you applied and water you drank), and if you want to take this metaphysical then your energy field, subconscious processes, emotional experiences, are all unique to you and all impact the “whole you”.

You are “only you” and no one else, looking at people with a full lustrous head of hair who eat bad food and follow negative habits and feeling bad that you don’t have their hair is the wrong approach. You need to look only at your body, figure out what is happening to it and work on becoming optimally healthy.

There comes a time when you need to stop looking at others and look at your body, and give it what it needs.

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Many people tend to fall in the victim mentality and ask Why Me? do not do that.

It is healthy to question,  and follow it with an investigation, do that, but you must remember your true uniqueness. That’s why some techniques work for some better than others.

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