Personal Log – Dec 15, 2011

It is December 15th. This is my first personal log to be posted on this website. My hair has been stable for the last 4-5 months thanks largely to a barrage of supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.

When I was taking night classes (I was working full time then going to class at night for about 2 years), it was more challanging to rest enough and my hair did thin, I also noticed my scalp being more oily.

Over the last month, I stopped all supplements, and my hair thinned and was more oily than I’d like it to be, plus it hurt. Now I am back on my regular regimen.  I am also enhancing it, and working on making a daily schedule/sheet that includes all the supplementation and all the other things I like to do every day for health and hair. This is useful as it will help me stick to my plans.  I have been using a check-list for the past couple years that had my daily supplements, dosage and when to take them. If you don’t have a check-list you should try it, it’s very helpful to have a check-list. You will memorize it eventually, by then you might have made changes to your regimen and it’d be time for a new check-list.

I might have not mentioned this but in the past my hair regularly “hurt” it was painful to move it when i ran my fingers through the hair it hurt, sometimes the pain was more than just an annoyance.  I’ve implemented a new process that I have not spoke about yet as I’m testing it now, and it has drastically helped with reducing the pain.  But, i also need to keep taking vitamin C and other anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant supplements.

In regards to the oily scalp, I found these to cause my scalp to be more oily than I’d like it to:

1- eating sugar

2- eating any dairy, even raw milk and raw cheese and possibly kefir

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3- stress

4- lack of sleep

5- not having a regular daily bowel movement


Until next time,

Be well


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