Personal Log – Oct 9, 2012

I’ve been slacking on supplements, compared to a couple years ago I’ve been very irregular on my regiment.  I take certain ones when I feel like it.  The only supplement I take almost daily is vitamin C.

The hair continues to thin gradually.

I think I have a banana allergy, i found eating banana often results in bad breath followed by IBS.

I also found that my mood is usually very influenced by constipation.. constipation causes me to be moody and grumpy. In addition it causes bad breath indicating possibly Leaky Gut Syndrome.

I have been drinking herbs and am happy with their effects, green tea, jasmine tea, etc.

I got sick recently with stomach pain etc.. felt like i was being poisoned from the inside, again likely a sign of leaky gut, so I concocted a tea using almost all the herbs and spices i have. It didnt taste great but it wasn’t bad. I think it helped my body detox and also reduce inflammation.

I found that inflammation caused by food in the gut causes constipation.

I am noticing how air quality and/or food cause my sinuses and nose to inflame

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thus, i’ve been reading on anti inflammatory foods and supplements and when needed i take these.

Been having issues with sleep, many supplements exist to help one sleep and even though these work to get me to sleep my dreams usually tend to be stressful, however sleeping well without any aids results in better dreams. They key is one’s mindset before bed, and levels of energy or stress before bed.   Reading in bed usually is the best sleep aid i know of, it works every time for me.  Meditation before bed time is also very beneficial.

Sleeping without socks on seems to improves bowel movement greatly, is it the cold feet, is it circulation, is it relaxation or some energy flow around the body?

Until next time,

Be well

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