Hyland’s Bioplasma Tablets – Reviews

January 18th, 2013

This particular product has very good comments by users.

Let’s start with Amazon, I copied and pasted the comments below, a part of it is so you can find all the comments here easily and also to preserve the comments for posterity.




First, Amazon
From: http://www.amazon.com/Hylands-Bioplasma-Tablets-1000/dp/B00126349K/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top


9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Reduced cravings observed., September 29, 2011

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Personal Log – Nov 24, 2012

November 24th, 2012

This blog is on Iodine.

Over the last year I’ve gone on and off iodine; the same outcome/experiences repeated. This is what it was like:

If I take anything more than one drop a day I get very clear symptoms. The symptoms include throat pain, headaches, even joint pain and upper back muscle pain, and neck pain which causes more headaches. It feels a lot like the flu. The most annoying symptom is the headaches and muscle pains, and sometimes bad breath, or a sorta metallic smell that only you can smell as if it’s your skin but really no one else can smell it.  The symptoms can last any where from 2 days to 1 week.  This is more likely to happen if one doesnt drink enough water or take vitamin C.   However, before theses symptoms set in, I experience more energy than usual, enough to keep me up at night and not feel tired the next day. This lasts for about 2 days then the detox symptoms start.  If I take mega doses of vitamin C the symptoms are reduced or can be eliminated. However the best way to take iodine is slowly and carefully.

The best way to take iodine is very slowly, I mean to take one drop every other day for a week, then one drop a day for 1-2 weeks, then go to 2 drops daily. When symptoms show up (you know you went too fast) stop the iodine and take vitamin C then start over. You can build your tolerance this way.

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Three years ago I was taking 4 or 5 drops a day with no symptoms. I also was feeling healthier and my weight was much better than it was when I wasn’t taking iodine.

All the above was referring to the TPCS Iosol iodine, not other brands which I also have used. Other iodine brands did not/do not have the same clear symptoms (side effect, or detox effects). I’ve taken a multitude of different iodine supplements such as J Crow lugols 2%,  Optimox Iodoral, EuroPharma Terry Naturally Tri-Iodine, Life-Flo Liquid Iodine Plus, and Marine Bio Therapies Liquid Potassium Iodide, and I can take much more in amount/quantity with lesser symptoms than when I take Iosol Formula II.

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Restrictions on Food Supplements are Based on Misinformation

October 16th, 2012


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 16, 2012

Restrictions on Food Supplements are Based on Misinformation

An alert from Europe to the rest of the world

by Gert Schuitemaker, PhD

Introduction: “It can’t happen here” qualifies for top placement on the all-time list of famous last words. The United States still has, for now, over-the-counter access to nutritional supplements. But no one who reads newspapers, watches televised news, or leafs through a magazine can miss the preponderance of negative reporting on vitamins. As OMNS continues to counter such misinformation (this issue is the 145th), we take a look at the real “risks” of dietary supplements. Readers may wish to keep in mind what Dr. Abram Hoffer famously said: “All attacks on supplement safety are really attacks on supplement efficacy.” If supplements are vilified, they can be made prescription. If they are prescription, costs will go up and access will vanish. – Andrew W. Saul, Editor

(OMNS Oct 16, 2012) A recent study explains that the risk of mortality from taking food supplements is far lower than other risks like smoking, pharmaceutical adverse drug reactions, cancer, and even dying from a lightning strike. [1] This important new information is relevant to recent food regulations in the European Union (EU) that are supposed to make commercially sold food supplements safer. The study shows the belief that food supplements are dangerous is mistaken.

The Codex Alimentarius was established In 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and later the World Trade Organization (WTO) as an international standard, with guidelines and codes of practice for the sale of food products, including food supplements.[2] In the natural health community, the Codex is considered a threat to freedom of choice and purchase of food supplements because it stipulates what doses of supplements can be sold and what wording may be used in advertising and packaging.

The Codex has not been adopted by the United States, but within the EU, it was signed into law in 2002 with the adoption of the European Food Supplements Directive. This set of regulations restricts the free choice of consumers when purchasing food supplements. To more fully appreciate this issue, it should be understood that compared to the United States, the EU is highly socialized and regulated. Acceptance of such rigid legislation by policy makers and politicians is easier in Europe than on the other side of the Atlantic. But giant food corporations are lobbying for similar limitations in the USA. Thus, the Codex Alimentarius and the EU legislation are considered a likely template for exporting this type of food regulation to the rest in the world.

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Personal Log – Oct 9, 2012

October 9th, 2012

I’ve been slacking on supplements, compared to a couple years ago I’ve been very irregular on my regiment.  I take certain ones when I feel like it.  The only supplement I take almost daily is vitamin C.

The hair continues to thin gradually.

I think I have a banana allergy, i found eating banana often results in bad breath followed by IBS.

I also found that my mood is usually very influenced by constipation.. constipation causes me to be moody and grumpy. In addition it causes bad breath indicating possibly Leaky Gut Syndrome.

I have been drinking herbs and am happy with their effects, green tea, jasmine tea, etc.

I got sick recently with stomach pain etc.. felt like i was being poisoned from the inside, again likely a sign of leaky gut, so I concocted a tea using almost all the herbs and spices i have. It didnt taste great but it wasn’t bad. I think it helped my body detox and also reduce inflammation.

I found that inflammation caused by food in the gut causes constipation.

I am noticing how air quality and/or food cause my sinuses and nose to inflame

thus, i’ve been reading on anti inflammatory foods and supplements and when needed i take these.

Been having issues with sleep, many supplements exist to help one sleep and even though these work to get me to sleep my dreams usually tend to be stressful, however sleeping well without any aids results in better dreams. They key is one’s mindset before bed, and levels of energy or stress before bed.   Reading in bed usually is the best sleep aid i know of, it works every time for me.  Meditation before bed time is also very beneficial.

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Personal Log – Aug 3 2012

August 4th, 2012

I’ve gone for months without writing here.  I’ve been busy with research. On the hair front my hair has continued to thin slowly.

I found that eating gluten doesn’t suit me well. I went off and on gluten to test this. Gluten containing foods are made worse the more they are processed because of added pollutants and unnatural ingredients.  For instance eating a sprouted whole grain slice of bread is not as bad as eating a bagel from a bagel shop.

But now my diet is largely gluten free and with this diet comes less constipation of IBS for sure.

I also found taking enzymes very helpful if one is forced to eat foods that are processed or unnatural (fake foods), or an apple and even some castor oil to get the food out of your system quickly.

I’ve utilize Castor oil effectively as a laxative.  I buy the Walgreens small bottles or the Now Foods brand, make sure it says Food Grade on the bottle.

A few other tips I found useful to cause bowel movement are:  drink plenty of water especially in the AM as soon as you wake up, naturally move more (any physical action, walking jogging yoga even stretching etc), and finally which is likely the least known of these is to get your feet cold. I found walking barefoot and getting my feet cold (either sleeping with uncovered feet or walking barefoot in the house).


That’s all for now.

Until next time,

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Personal Log – Dec 15, 2011

December 15th, 2011

It is December 15th. This is my first personal log to be posted on this website. My hair has been stable for the last 4-5 months thanks largely to a barrage of supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.

When I was taking night classes (I was working full time then going to class at night for about 2 years), it was more challanging to rest enough and my hair did thin, I also noticed my scalp being more oily.

Over the last month, I stopped all supplements, and my hair thinned and was more oily than I’d like it to be, plus it hurt. Now I am back on my regular regimen.  I am also enhancing it, and working on making a daily schedule/sheet that includes all the supplementation and all the other things I like to do every day for health and hair. This is useful as it will help me stick to my plans.  I have been using a check-list for the past couple years that had my daily supplements, dosage and when to take them. If you don’t have a check-list you should try it, it’s very helpful to have a check-list. You will memorize it eventually, by then you might have made changes to your regimen and it’d be time for a new check-list.

I might have not mentioned this but in the past my hair regularly “hurt” it was painful to move it when i ran my fingers through the hair it hurt, sometimes the pain was more than just an annoyance.  I’ve implemented a new process that I have not spoke about yet as I’m testing it now, and it has drastically helped with reducing the pain.  But, i also need to keep taking vitamin C and other anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant supplements.

In regards to the oily scalp, I found these to cause my scalp to be more oily than I’d like it to:

1- eating sugar

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Contact Me

December 14th, 2011

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The Human Unit

December 14th, 2011

One cannot discuss hair health, stopping hair loss, and hair regrowth without talking about many other body systems, glands, hormones, digestion, nutrients, diets, habits, sleep, life styles, toxins, environmental factors, etc.. These are all directly or indirectly related to hair loss. This website will venture into all of these areas. Your body has many systems, many genes, and they all work together and on each other. Your existence as a human being, is also reliant on your body’s systems. All these systems, all the genes, all the history you have experienced all come together to make the “one” unity that is you.  There is not one thing you can do that will effect only one system or aspect if your existence.

Hair health often equates to body/mind health. There is a lot about health and diet that most of us do not learn, oftentimes we learn of this knowledge after a lot of hair loss has occurred. The knowledge exists, the solutions are out there, I wish I had started researching hair loss back in 2005 when my hair loss became clearly visible, back then  I barely paid attention to my health and I thought the hair loss was “inevitable” due to my “genes”, so I did not even consider diet or health as factors as having caused the hair loss at an early age. It is never too late to start doing the right thing.

But, What if I Fail?

December 14th, 2011

Even if you do not stop the loss or regrew the hair [But, you will likely slow the loss or stop it, though], at the least you can expect to learn a lot about your body and healthy habits in the process, and to drastically alter the way you look at food.

This knowledge and the new habits will give you better health, better looking skin and nails, more energy, clarity of mind, a more youthful look in general, they will also give you a happier and longer life and perhaps more importantly knowledge to empower you and your loved ones.

I have my MPB to thank for my interest in health, diet and for a continually improving health state. I am getting healthier every day despite my crazy schedule, I attribute this to my acquired knowledge and ability to understand my body and my increased awareness of my body’s needs (dietary, nutritional, mental, spiritual, etc).

Similar to teeth, bones, nails and skin, your hair’s health is strongly related to many other aspects of your “body-mind unit”. In our modern day, degenerative diseases are rampant, tooth decay, hair loss, cancers, autoimmune disease are only a few that this website will discuss from a growing list of “modern day diseases”. In many cases, what will help your hair will also help your teeth.

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A Curse or a Blessing?

December 14th, 2011

Hair loss, be it Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia, AGA), female pattern baldness, patterned or diffused hair loss, even alopecia errata, and other forms of alopecia could be a blessing in disguise if you decide to make them so. Unlike those with a permanent full-head-of-hair, your hair loss might be an early indication of physical degeneration, inflammation, skin issues, nutritional deficiencies (malnutrition), heavy metal toxicity, candida over growth, thyroid dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and a good future risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, prostate enlargement, hypertension or insulin sensitivity. Here you ask yourself, do you want to prevent these diseases as you grow older. Do you want to be a healthy older person able to enjoy your body, mind and world or crippled with disease?

Like any thing in life, you and only you decide if you want to perceive this is a curse or as a blessing.


 Your hair loss could be your “canary in a coal mine”, giving you early signs of impending danger

You now have the choice to ignore the signs (or mask them with pharmaceuticals) or to pay attention and take positive action to figure out what your body needs, give it what it needs to heal and become more optimally healthy and become a healthier adult and age gracefully. Targeting aging will also target your hair as hair loss is a sign of aging, some of us age faster. I have always been a faster-aging person, and my hair loss was only natural and to be expected as part of this accelerated aging process.


Disclaimer: I must say this: The information presented herein is for informational purposes only. Consult your doctor, practitioner, and/or pharmacist for any health problem and before using any supplements, making dietary changes, or before making any changes in prescribed medications.
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