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I am a male with male pattern baldness, also known as Androgenic Alopecia (AGA). I didn’t care much about my own hair loss for years, it was until a female close to me was struggling with her hair loss that I started to research. I’ve experienced AGA for over five years.

My challenge has been finding useful information. I came across countless testimonies and ideas on things that people tried, some ideas that worked for some individuals, not to mention traditional and ancient approaches from around the world.  I know that you have limited resources (time and money) to try every single option that’s out there. This is the case with me.

While I care greatly about testimonials, and trust me I have accumulated hundreds of them, I have opted to research peer-reviewed and published studies for clues.

There is an answer to hair loss. There are many answers, actually. In this website I bring my own research to the world simply sharing it here. I encourage your input and constructive debate.

I have been losing hair for over 5 years now, however the thinning has accelerated in the last year. It has been shedding so fast that I expect to have what I call a “runway”, a completely bald area in the middle of my head starting at the middle and front and extending all the way back to the crown separating the sides (that still have hair) within 2 years from now (2012). based on the current shedding I am noticing I will have a bald front scalp area (totally bald) by 2011.  I am writing this paragraph today August 29, 2010.

I wish I had taken an interest in this topic 5 years ago, but I was busy with other projects. Research hair lead me to research health and that lead me on a very educational and beneficial path. As I learn more, I am practicing my own knowledge on my diet, and I am seeing results. I will keep you posted. Even if I don’t stop the hair loss in time, at least I would have improved my health. I am already feeling better than I had felt in 10 years and am getting closer to my ideal weight and just feel wonderful thanks to dietary changes, supplementation, habit changes and thought-pattern changes.

I am not associated with any business, companies, brands etc.. I don’t look to make money from this website.. The google ads that you see here are not of products that I endorse, these ads exist to provide a modest income to help supplement the cost of hosting this website online.

This site:

This website is a “slow” work in progress. My own, rough, research… on the web.  I do my best to keep it organized and easy to follow.

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You will quickly find this website talks more about general health than “hair” as you maybe accustomed to by the main stream media.

The fact is, there is not one gene that determines the fate of your hair, neither is there one dietary factor, one health factor or one solution. Your hair is affected by all the above, even people that are predisposed to hair loss do not necessary have to become bald. If you are healthy your hair will be healthy. In the case of male pattern baldness, hair loss could be associated with many other diseases, thus paying attention to the message your hair is sending you will result in better health, in the short run and the long run.

On the right you will see the categories, many topics will be discussed, including insulin resistance, thyroid function, heredity, foods that are bad and ones that are good, and much more. Click on “Stopping hair loss” and read the Intro document for a list of the major topics discussed on this research website.


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Written: 07/27/2010

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