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GMO Foods

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

No one knows how GMO foods effect the human body, how they are absorbed, what allergies or autoimmune reactions they create and how they are used n the body.  I have one advice for you when it comes to GMO, avoid it!

Now, the sad reality, in my opinion, within the US, I beleive that practically all of the Corn and Soy out there, including organic, are GMO.  So it is adviced that you avoid all corn and soy products.

Some people have allergies when it comes to corn and soy, some of these allergies might be attributed to these foods being GMO. Further, soy is prepared incorrectly in the US and should never be consumed unless it is fermented in the traditional Japanese or Chinese methods.

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Are “Frankenfoods” Really All that Scary?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Here’s an article regarding GMO foods.  The best policy for optimal health and thus a healthy scalp is to avoid all GMO foods.

Please note: The below is a quoted article, not in my words, posted here for posterity. It’s talking about cancer, but it has relevant educational points on GMO foods, genetically mutilated foods if you want my opinion.




Are “Frankenfoods” Really All that Scary?

Those who make and eat GM (genetically modified) foods say they’re the answer to mass starvation and disease. Those who shun GM technology say it’ll be the cause of mass starvation and disease. They call these foods “Frankenfoods,” with a nod to Frankenstein, the monster humanoid created by runaway, out-of-control science.

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GM food is a hot-button issue right now. The subject arouses intense emotions, often based on a minimum of information. Most important of all is the question of how GM foods might affect our long-term health. Let’s first look at the facts.

When food meets technology

GM foods come from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They consist of food organisms that were modified via molecular biology techniques that promote selective breeding.


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