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But, What if I Fail?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Even if you do not stop the loss or regrew the hair [But, you will likely slow the loss or stop it, though], at the least you can expect to learn a lot about your body and healthy habits in the process, and to drastically alter the way you look at food.

This knowledge and the new habits will give you better health, better looking skin and nails, more energy, clarity of mind, a more youthful look in general, they will also give you a happier and longer life and perhaps more importantly knowledge to empower you and your loved ones.

I have my MPB to thank for my interest in health, diet and for a continually improving health state. I am getting healthier every day despite my crazy schedule, I attribute this to my acquired knowledge and ability to understand my body and my increased awareness of my body’s needs (dietary, nutritional, mental, spiritual, etc).

Similar to teeth, bones, nails and skin, your hair’s health is strongly related to many other aspects of your “body-mind unit”. In our modern day, degenerative diseases are rampant, tooth decay, hair loss, cancers, autoimmune disease are only a few that this website will discuss from a growing list of “modern day diseases”. In many cases, what will help your hair will also help your teeth.

A Curse or a Blessing?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Hair loss, be it Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia, AGA), female pattern baldness, patterned or diffused hair loss, even alopecia errata, and other forms of alopecia could be a blessing in disguise if you decide to make them so. Unlike those with a permanent full-head-of-hair, your hair loss might be an early indication of physical degeneration, inflammation, skin issues, nutritional deficiencies (malnutrition), heavy metal toxicity, candida over growth, thyroid dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and a good future risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, prostate enlargement, hypertension or insulin sensitivity. Here you ask yourself, do you want to prevent these diseases as you grow older. Do you want to be a healthy older person able to enjoy your body, mind and world or crippled with disease?

Like any thing in life, you and only you decide if you want to perceive this is a curse or as a blessing.


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 Your hair loss could be your “canary in a coal mine”, giving you early signs of impending danger

You now have the choice to ignore the signs (or mask them with pharmaceuticals) or to pay attention and take positive action to figure out what your body needs, give it what it needs to heal and become more optimally healthy and become a healthier adult and age gracefully. Targeting aging will also target your hair as hair loss is a sign of aging, some of us age faster. I have always been a faster-aging person, and my hair loss was only natural and to be expected as part of this accelerated aging process.


Optimal Health

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The human body is amazingly complex and resilient, it is able to repair itself and withstand years of abuse and to seemingly appear healthy, but being healthy and being optimally healthy are two different things. Genes need triggers to be expressed, environmental factors effect how genes are triggered, and all of your body’s systems have an effect on each other, subtle changes happen slowly. Reversing them will also be a slow process, but it is never too late to become healthier.

Heal :: Be the Strong!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Something I wrote on another website and thought it would be a nice addition here.  I hope this will offer you encouragement on your quest for hair regrowth:


Do what it takes to heal yourself.

If that means seeing a healer, shaman, therapist or doctor, then do it.

If that means forgiveness, then forgive.

If it means experimenting with foods and drinks, then do.

If it means giving up foods, drinks, behaviors, weight, do it.

If it means changing a habit or more, do it.

If it means changing the way you think, change it.


If it means giving yourself permission to heal, give yourself that permission.


If it means taking personal responsibility, then take responsibility for your health.

But “don’t” pass-on the blame


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